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Your Salary Your Right

One of our foundational principles is a pledge to help all salaried employees have a better place financially.

We are a company built to combat unfairness, we constantly seek to fix problems in the financial world by considering alternatives to the tired, age-old system that has trapped many of us in a cycle of late fees, and late charges.

We know income isn’t always consistent or predictable — some days you have a little extra to spend, and others you could use a little extra. …

As an average Indian salaried employee, we spend about 12–14 hours of our lives at work. Even when we’re off work, we feel anxious about a potential promotion, stressed over rapidly-approaching deadlines, or merely wondering if we remembered to save all the work that we have done.

When something takes up the most significant part of your life, it is essential to ensure that it is indeed aligned with your personal goals and values, to feel that stress isn’t in vain. For most, work boils down to money. Some may consider that the most important aspect. …

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It is about having control over one’s hard-earned salary

Between school and watching papa interact with customers in his bank, I came face-to-face with the truth about what it means to be a hard-working middle-class person. My father couldn’t approve loans on legitimate requests because there was no way they could live a decent life and pay back a loan.

Even today, 72% of India’s workforce lives paycheck to paycheck.

When you look at people around you keenly, I’m sure you can also sense there is a distinct shift in the atmosphere between the 30th of the month and the 1st of the next month.

The small ways of adjusting with needs control the way one lives — like fixing one’s crooked glasses over and over again but never spending the money to get new ones. Sometimes, we all were one of them. …

With the changing times and businesses, everything around us is changing dramatically — the way we eat, shop and even when we pay our bills. Despite the massive digitization of banking in the last few years, nothing happened with the way we get paid for our work.

We still continue to get paid our salary every 30-days. Why?

The recent Livemint article provokes a thought — 72% of the working population is not sufficiently paid for their work. Of this, 57 % of Indians live from paycheck to paycheck to make their ends meet.

According to Harvard Kennedy report on ‘ Helping Low Income Working Families Escape the High-Cost Lend trap’, a vast majority of people around the world feel the need of small amount of money at least 6 times in a year in between the salary cycle, but they are not entitled to access it from their salary as and when they require it. …

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