Kaaryaa Day One Story

Some people experience outstanding first days and some exactly opposite, for us we had experienced both

We had an opportunity with us and we were certainly interested. We approached working on it with an open-mind. We were excited, amazed and yes confused. First few days are really critical for a start-up. It was important for us to create a right impression. Imagine a small office around 2000 sq ft filled with work desks and people, who are busy working on their systems. All you see are some whiteboards, glass boards, sticky notes and the office is buzzing with creative and innovative work. We also had a receptionist, couple of meeting rooms, and to take it further a game room where anyone can hangout playing PS3 or XBOX, or even watching a movie they like. Yes, food is important so we have a kitchen where coffee, tea, juices and any type of food that you would like to order will be delivered at your desk while you work. That is exactly, how we had imagined our world to be when we thought of building Kaaryaa.

Starting a new office from scratch is never an easy task. We realised this fact from the very first day. We acquired an office space after three rigorous months of search. Then, we spent about a month perfecting it by installing air-condition and ducting work that was needed to be done. We installed open sittings, bought chairs, and created the game room as well as meeting rooms. And, finally both the co-founders sat scratching their heads as there was no receptionist.

Another, crucial task was finding the right candidates and believe us it was a humongous task for us. Trial and run does not work here. Our efforts of first hiring people we already knew and connecting people through our own network had miserably failed. Hardly, few agreed to talk to us as we were a start-up and even fewer came and met us. We quickly realized that we needed to take the traditional approach of finding people through different channels to hire.

Every candidate who comes for an interview comes with a pre-conceived notion. In our case, when candidates started coming for the interview, they had dilemma on their faces, especially when they saw no one but two people in the office who were not only greeting them but were also conducting interviews. An unusual fact would be that founders were themselves serving water to candidates and even cleaning the office at times. Some of the candidates left the office even before they could be interviewed. It was horrible and discouraging and soon we realized the first step of hiring the right talent was such a huge challenge. Finally, after interviewing 100s of candidates, the first three job letters went out. The day one at Kaaryaa was prolonged to 20 days, until the actual work could start.

Today, Kaaryaa is proud to have a true office space that is buzzing with creativity and innovation with no time to spare on useless things. We relax playing video games and have healthy soccer competition on PS3. We have a treadmill and weight machines installed in our office to keep us fit. There is finally a receptionist, and a team of developers, designers and content writers which is growing.

We have been blessed now with candidates approaching us who are truly interested to join the team instead of finding a job that can only pay them. And, we have reached zero turn-over rates in the past one year and we hope to keep it that way. We do have a cook in our kitchen who prepares fresh coffee, tea and unlimited snacks on request. We bring fresh juices for our people and have lunches together in a small room where we can hold around 15 people at a time crunched together sharing lunchboxes.

Now, things are really happening and we look forward to grow as a company. The first few days were phenomenal and we are equally excited for each coming day. We at Kaaryaa believe that we are different in many ways and are continuously exploring new ways to be one of a kind. Emotionally, the initial days have lasting memories; it was like a kid in new school trying to manage everything.