I questioned Caitlin requesting that progressives ally with Mike Cernovich who had made a series of…
Amy Sterling Casil

Is Caitlin Johnson a real person? I’m not being flippant in asking that question. I’m perfectly serious. Is she who she puports to be?

This is a separate question from is she what she purports to be—i.e., a progressive blogger. In the spirit of Christ’s reasoned lesson in logic, that one knows the reality of someone or something by the fruits of same, I would observe that progressivism (if I might call it that for lack of a better word) is not a philosophical abstraction, but a description of a particular set of principles having to do with how we view other human beings. Very much as vegetarianism is a description of set of principles having to do with the consumption of meat.

I would accept as fact that someone who wrote about the pleasures of eating meat, or advocated the eating of meat was not a vegetarian, and I would accept that fact even if they were to proclaim loudly and publicly that they were a vegetarian.

So, is it possible that CJ’s progressive self-label is a red herring? I suppose that would make her an episcetarian, which is still not a vegetarian, regardless of self-identification. And yes, I’m sorry, that is sarcasm. I sometimes can’t help myself. My DH and youngest child are ruthless punners. I have to keep up.