The New York Times Is Very, Very Concerned About You
Caitlin Johnstone

They call them op-eds for a reason—they’re one person’s opinion. I wouldn’t make too much of it, or frame it as THE NYT opinion. They don’t all march to the same drummer … which you’d think would earn them some bounty points and street cred from those who see them as a tool of the evil liberal elite (whoever the heck that is). Instead, our country (or at least those of us who engage in any public way) is so polarized that an opinion not in lock step with the assumed opinion of the hive mind, merely causes confusion.

Also, the opinions expressed don’t seem to be according moral value to the ideas, but just noting what the writer sees as political reality. Which, as we all know, is so divorced from actual reailty as to be fiction.

I suspect we are all a bit off our rockers—or at least a bit off-balance—in this age of reverse Barney-ism (“I hate you; you hate me. Let’s all hate with zeal and glee…”)

So, those of us with a public forum might consider trying restore some balance instead of tipping our fragile vessel further into the lake of fire.