I’m fine.


“how are you?”

i already know what not to say,

the truth about how i feel today,.

it’s like I’m a wave afraid of the sea,

trypophobia infused but born a bee.

each drop of rain that falls to the ground,

is the equivalent of my minds deafening sound.

its like watching stars shine in space,

confiding in their distance and lack of trace.

its like being dropped in a maze left to run,

with maps thrown to your face by everyone.

it feels like fire ants clawing at the tips of my fingers,

it feels like worry is the only emotion that lingers.

i feel torn when i wake up and go to sleep,

my heart beat doesn't skip it only takes leaps.

it feels like my life-jacket is temporary and a foe

it hurts to move on cause i refuse to let things go.

i see the walls close in each time it gets dark,

most days i fake my vibe and my vibrant spark.

it feels heavy and hollow on the inside,

all i have are the pointless tears I’ve cried.

but to answer your question

i’ll look you in your eyes,

i wont miss a beat

i’ll tell you “I’m fine”.