Lost at Sea.

Possibilities are larger than the powerful ocean,
There’s a rhythm to see even in it’s rough motion.
Belittling your courage is the easy thing to do,
Because it’s a new feeling to do something for just you.
They won’t believe what you have to say,
Scream about risk & failure because you may.
It’s getting too heavy to carry and too loud to even hear,
Somehow feels like the only risk you took was befriending fear.
This was all a part of the plan I never sat to create,
It was so big of me to put it all up to the hands of fate.
Friends offer their time and kaleidoscope spirit to brighten you,
But only at dusk do you need people to color you out of blue.
Now look at how I have ceremoniously forgotten to just be,
Every now and then I drown — completely lost at sea.



-written on 5th Jan 2017