Structure for Emergency Fire Pump

Emergency fire pump is CCS approval, widely used on board the vessel in ocean, coastal water, inland-river with very good performance for sea water and fresh water.

China quality marine and offshore supplier:

CWY Marine Valve comes with a copper impeller, a high quality stainless steel shaft and a mechanically enclosed high-seed diesel engine. Light weight, compact structure, prompt staring, minimum space, fast delivering of water and good coaxially between the pump and the diesel in addition to Industrial Valve and electric kick-starting, making it an advanced equipment for marine fire extinguishing.

Strictly following the CCS standard and SOLAS requirement. Easy operation, water fast delivery, high pressure will be very suitable for fire-fighting on board the ship.

The independent driving system by diesel engine will enhance the ship¡¯s safety in case of the fire situation when ship blackout. Also applicable for fire-fighting and water delivery in industrial and mining enterprises, harbors and docks, warehouse and shipyard etc.

The Main Type and parameter as following; Model 50CWY-27 65CWY-25 65CWY-30 65CWY-31 65CWY-40 65CWY-47 Flow(m3/h) 25 20 25 30 30 30 Head(m) 27 25 30 31 40 47 RPM 3600 Pump height(m) 7.5 Water delivery time ¡Ü35s Diesel engine power(kw) 4 2.8 4 6.6 6.6 7.5 Cooing method Air cooling Star-up method Hand pull / Electric start up Diameter of inlet/outlet(mm) 50/50 65/65 65/65 65/65 65/65 65/65 Unit type Fixed or portable


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