Everyone’s A Writer

Photo Credit- Public Domain - Pixabay

I left school in 1975 just before my 16th birthday. I had a basic secondary education but that was it. None of my grades were much to talk about. Earlier in my school career I had to have remedial reading lessons. I can’t remember ever having a lesson on correct grammar or punctuation, which probably still shows in my writing. English and maths were my worse subjects. I rarely wrote anything once I left school, apart from filling in the odd form or writing the occasional, or should I say rare, letter. I guess there are a lot of people of my generation like that, especially those of us who came from working class families.

The internet age has changed all of that for me and for millions of other people. l know some people bemoan the loss of the art of letter writing, but as I said I rarely wrote a letter. But since I started using the internet back in the late 1990’s, I have written something everyday. Okay, some of it has just been email, social media or Facebook posts, but this is more than I ever used to write.

The rise of social networks provided more of an opportunity for me to express my ideas in writing online. The now defunct Squidoo was one of the first places I started to write on. The great thing was I didn’t need to go through the rigmarole of purchasing a domain name and hosting. Squidoo provided a very easy platform that let me create attractive looking pages, which they called lenses. I wrote about things that interested me and about things that I had experienced. I know a lot of what I wrote wasn’t that good, but people seemed to appreciate it and I often got encouraging comments on my articles. This encouraged me to write more. The more I wrote the easier it became. I have been writing ever since.

I know I am not the only one this has happened to. It would seem that everyone these days writes to some degree or other. I often come across people who would never have written if it were not for the internet.

The rise of social networks, and easy to use writing platforms like Medium, has led to an explosion of people who are writing and sharing their thoughts online. It would seem we have all become writers. To be sure, some of us are better at writing than others. Most of us wont become famous or write great literature. But it seems to me that since the invention of the internet, it is true to say that everyone is a writer.

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