Why Tesla S is booming in Norway
Kjell Halvor Landsverk

Hello Kjell!

My name is Karim and I am the host of the cryptocurrency podcast CryptoBasic. I was looking for a way to contact you publicly and I found this article. I just wanted to inform you that this Friday I will be discussing your disgusting & anti-competitive attacks on individuals using the Bitcoin name or logo.

You may call yourself a “serial entrepreneur” but your actions reflect the behavior of a common Patent Troll. Entrepreneurs create something new and stimulate economic activity for the system. Patent Trolls like yourself are more parasitic, sucking resources out of the system while contributing nothing of their own. Your actions are in every single way antithetical to Bitcoin, detrimental to Capitalism, and morally repugnant. If you wish to defend your actions you have an open invite to come on the show.

PS: Love your show Westworld, very creative