Positive Thinking Is Hokum

“Don’t feel down. It’s going to be all right”

“Today is not your day”

“Stay strong! You can do it!”

“Things are going to get better”

When the whole world is against you, these said phrases make you feel good. WRONG!

I do not mean to come strong on this but muttering these phrases does not mean things are going to get better. It is essentially digging a deep grave and lying there motionless waiting for someone to lend you a hand.

Think about all the scenarios where one would utter these phrases, say breakup or failing a test. When things get tough, that is the only point in time where one would seek for some sort of a positive response, light at the end of tunnel, and what one receives is a slight nudge. I am afraid but that is not enough to climb up the deep abyss.

Time does not heal your pain. Your brain can hold information for a specific period of time after which it forgets, thus “heals” you. Basic biology.

What is positive thinking without an action to back it up. All our tasks, relationships, situations are a giant jigsaw puzzle and our brain is the eager kid who loves to put them together. It tries to scavenge for all the missing pieces and if it does not find the right piece, it fills the gap with next possible set of information from experience. Giving one an incomplete image created by their imagination. Now some of us believe that the it is okay to leave the puzzle incomplete. We then move on to the next one but it comes back later to haunt us. And then there is the other lot, who seeks to complete the puzzle. They find ways to find the missing piece, put them up together and finally find an image which they could have never imagined. The latter lot are the ones who eventually see the light.

Positive thinking is hokum, if there is no action to back it up