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Marxism will heal the sick

Marxism will give health to the sick in 1954. The painting’s message was clear: If Marxism can heal Kahlo, it can heal the world.
Source-Public Domain

Frida Kahlo was born into an era of political upheaval, revolutionary ideas, and the age of world war. In 1910, her native country, Mexico, was plunged into the Marxist movement. As her childhood progressed, she witnessed the armed rebels fighting against the repression of peasant classes and promoting indigenous Mexican culture called “Mexicanidad.”

By the time she turned twenty, she had already joined the Mexican Communist Party and that became one of the significant contributing factors to her political perspective. …

The symbolic iconography of the masterpiece

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam is acknowledged as one of the world’s most famous art treasures. It is a fresco painting that forms part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

This painting reflects the incredible knowledge of Michelangelo in human anatomy. His experience in anatomical dissection is well documented by Renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari in Lives of the Artists.

Vasari says, “For the church of Santo Spirito in Florence, Michelangelo made a crucifix of wood which was placed above the lunette of the high altar where it still is. …

The prostitutes were mere objects of wealth generation

Triumph of Flora by Tiepolo

The prostitution industry created a powerful revenue-generator for the Roman empire.

The investment of the elite class in brothel management, taxes levied on the prostitutes. and the people procuring sex services drove the economy of Rome. Thus Rome became the ancient capital of prostitution.

Why prostitution became so prominent in ancient Rome

Prostitution had its roots from classical Greece. Adultery was a punishable offense in Athens.

And so, the young men used women slaves to fulfill their sex desire. On similar lines, the Romans began prostitution and satiated their sex desires. The elite class engaged with prostitutes of lower-class or women with dire need of money.

The free…


The badass woman— Dorsa Derakhshani

Dorsa Derakhshani

Dorsa Derakhshani, 19, is one of the fiercest females who is not only known worldwide for her impeccable chess skills but making a tough call of leaving her home country Iran and immigrating to America.

Currently, she is a student at St.Louis University, Missouri, and is representing the US in chess championships since 2017.

Since childhood, she explored and learned a volley of skills like swimming, painting, ballet, and chess. Her liberal upbringing and parents' support helped her learn the minute details of male-dominated sport (chess) especially in a country where the rights of women are highly restricted.

By the…

A painting by Evelyn De Morgan

The Garden of Opportunity by Evelyn De Morgan
Source-Public Domain

The Garden of Opportunity is a Pre-Raphaelite oil on canvas painting created by Evelyn De Morgan in 1892. This painting was never exhibited during the artist’s lifetime. Now it shelters in the De Morgan Foundation in England.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a group of English artists and poets who initiated a movement in 1848. The artists in this movement made sure to follow the principles of depicting genuine and realistic ideas, articulately studying nature and philosophy, and rejecting conventional and rote learning methods.

The symbolic interpretation of The Garden of Opportunity

History, Feminism

The fascinating biography of leading archaeologist Halet Çambel

A doodle created by Google on Halet Cambel’s 99th birthday to show her remarkable contribution to the field of archaeology
Source-Public Domain

Halet Çambel is one of the women pioneers who left an indelible mark in the 21st century. Çambel was a leading archaeologist who did pathbreaking research in preserving Turkish cultural heritage and decoding information about humanity’s oldest civilization called Hittites.

As if her discoveries weren’t enough, Çambel was an accomplished athlete and became the first Muslim woman to compete in the Berlin Olympics. At the young age of 20, she was lionhearted and understood the political dynamics around the world. She refused to meet Adolf Hitler at his invitation.

The early life of Çambel and her journey to the Berlin Olympics

The story of Bhagat Singh Thind

Bhagat Singh Thind in his U.S. Army Uniform, from 1918. Thind enlisted in the U.S. Army and trained at Camp Lewis, Washington

Bhagat Singh Thind was an Indian American Sikh who migrated to America in 1913. He was arguably the first turbaned Sikh to serve in the US army in World War I. After he fought in WWI, he had to fight another battle with the Supreme Court of the United States to acquire naturalized American citizenship.

The early life of Thind and migration to the US

History’s bizarre butterfly effect

Butterfly effect
Source-Public Domain

The butterfly effect is the phenomenon in which one event could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect on its subsequent historical events.

This article explores the timeline of the key historical events that happened in history leading to one major event after another. It initiated with the assassination of Ferdinand leading to raccoon infestation in Japan.

The timeline of the major historical events

1. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand that sparked World War I

On June 28, 1914, a young student named Gavrilo Princip fired a pistol in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and changed the world. …

History, Art

The incredible ballet journey of Maria Tallchief

Maria Tallchief in the title role in George Balanchine’s ballet “Firebird”
Source-Public Domain

Maria Tallchief became one of America’s first prime Ballerina who made an invaluable contribution to ballet dance. She became one of the first female Americans who infused ballet in American art and culture that was sustainably present in Europe and Russia.

Tallchief’s created her niche in learning a strenuous and technical dance form and was equally proud to represent her Native American heritage not only in America but all around the globe.

She was the recipient of various accolades and awards for performing arts and her life has become a subject of multiple documentaries and biographies.

The early life of Maria Tallchief

Elizabeth Marie Tall Chief…

‘The Sins of the World’ and ‘The Wages of Sin’

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

The Garden of Earthly Delights is one of the most intricate and detailed paintings in historical art. An oil painting on oak panel, painted by the Early Netherlandish artist Hieronymus Bosch.

This painting is a sequential narrative of the Creation of Eve and Adam in the left panel followed by worldly indulgence and sexual pleasure in the central panel and subsequently leading man straight to Hell in the right one.

This painting was painted in the early 15th century and is housed in the Museo del Prado in Madrid since the year 1939.

As very little is known about Bosch’s…


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