A Call To Arms

Kabosu Inu
4 min readJan 24


Kabosu wasn’t always the internet’s favorite meme, catapulted to stardom through viral social media activity with an excess of photogenic genetics.

She was a forgotten-about shelter dog with a bleak future.
In saying that, Kabosu was given more choice than we realize. She could sit back, accept that her reality would never change and allow her hope and strength to dwindle, or she could fight back, step towards the light, perk her ears, wag her tail and seduce the next potential owner that happened to walk her way.

Kabosu chose the latter, breaking free of the shelter’s shackles and into Sato’s heart and home: she found herself a better life. One where she was better loved and free to do as she pleased. Such is the birthright possessed by all living things, but not always used.

Refusing to accept her reality Kabosu fought back and changed not just her life, but her legacy. From rags to riches Kabosu went from slop to syrup, from cold cement to the finest of furniture, from forgotten-about to the eternal halls of internet stardom and fame. An inspirational meme for the ages.

Isn’t that what we all want deep down? To change our stars.
Think back to what brought you here — why did you first come to crypto? You came for the same reason we all did, and those that say otherwise are either lying to themselves or those around them. You came because your life lacked financial freedom rendering you unable to better your circumstances or the circumstances of those around you.

Perhaps what brought you here was the wholesome desire to help a family member overcome their personal struggles against poverty. Maybe you came here selflessly in an attempt to pay off a loved one’s debts, bills or medical expenses that were incurred at no fault of theirs.
It does not matter. You’re here now. There are a million different reasons to have come here and they all point down the same path of bettering the life circumstances of either yourself or those around you. Just like Kabosu, we came in search of freedom, and love.

Do not lie to yourself. Do not delude yourself. Do not hesitate. This is your chance. This could be all of our financial freedom, should it manifest so through belief and combined efforts.
This token represents unity, and that is what we must do: unify. From this moment onward we are to come together, work as one and share our message. That this token is now our home, and in this home we share the same values, hopes and dreams of financial freedom. We must reach out to those that seek as we seek and encourage them to commit to our home filled with like-minded people of all shapes and sizes.

Just as Sato built for Kabosu the perfect home, one filled with trust, love and loyalty, we too must do the same; showing up daily and working hard not just for ourselves but one another. There is no greater meme than that which beneath the laughter cultivates love. We must ensure first that our values correlate perfectly with Kabosu and Sato’s and then soldier on, sharing our message with all that will listen. Helping shape their lives for the better as we strive forward as one.

Networking is the internet’s untapped resource. We must harness and use it. We must, collectively, aspire to help congregate those that share our viewpoint and values. We must, collectively, accumulate like-minded people from every corner of the globe. Remaining shy and bashful is no longer an option. Greatness lies within reach. We must rid ourselves of uncertainty and proceed forwards with absolute conviction. If we do not believe in our dreams, why would we expect others to do so?

When we decided to take a step back from our 9–5 jobs and web2 prospects to focus further on crypto — we took our futures into our own hands. We set sail in search of a prospect such as Kabosu. The opportune moment has arrived. Now is the time to act. Kabosu’s life was anything but easy, but she pressed on, kept going and in the end achieved more than even her wildest dreams might fathom. She became more than just a meme. She became an inspirational internet figure that the entire world now daily recognizes and adores.

I’m doing my part and taking responsibility for my own future; its direction now held tightly in my formed-fist. It’s time now for you to do yours. Spread our message knowing with absolution that Kabosu shall lead the way toward connecting like-minded individuals, wholesome values and financial prosperity for all not because you think she might, but because you’re certain: she will.

I’m unprepared to sit back in hopes that someone else will act on my behalf, I’m getting out there and networking, I’m continually connecting and I’m actively inspiring. Just like Kabosu, I’m getting out there everyday to change my life for the better. Can you say the same?

From shelter dog to meme lord, from rags to riches. Kabosu.