Mr. Robert wants to become a rich investor by create his business. so he went to his mentor(Robert’s friend’s father).Robert addressed him as rich dad. Rich dad taught him basic financial education and guided him to build a business to generate cash-flow for investing.

as a common case,Robert had no excess money to build business. So rich dad suggested him to take a dad would say “If you cannot sell,you cannot be an entrepreneur.”

Robert took a job as salesperson at Xerox corporation.He was very shy and terrified of rejection.To learn how to overcome his personal fears he took a salesperson job.Robert had to go from office to office knocking on doors trying to sell people a Xerox machine. But he was the worst salesperson at beginning stage. He took extra classes on selling,bought tapes and listened to them. The sales training helped him to develop the skills he needed to build business.

the problem was that no matter how hard he worked and how many machines he sold, he was always short of cash.He had no extra money to start business so he told rich dad that he planned to take a part time job for additional income.

Rich dad said, “the biggest mistakes people make is that they work to hard for their money.” he went on saying, “Most people do not get ahead financially because when they need more money they take part time job. If they really want to go ahead, they need to keep their day job and start a part time business. Dont waste your time with part time job. It keeps you an employee.” Robert started a business of nylon and velcro wallet business part time.

most people complained to Robert “I have no idea of new product to start my business.” Robert generally say, “The world is filled with great ideas for new products. But the world is short of great businesspeople. The real reason for starting a part time business is to make yourself a great businessperson.”

If we look at bill gates he didnot invent his software product. Idea of software was bought from computer programmers. Bill gates built a great business that helped him becoming richest man.

Michael dell of dell computers started his part time business in his hostel at university of texas.

If you want to acquire basics financial knowledge, basics of investing and entrepreneural skills you can go through a book “Rich dad’s guide to investing” by Robert kiyosaki.!NNNN

-Raj k.