5 Quick facts before you use the emergency contraceptive pill.

Counting 19 when i had my first sexual encounter with my by-then girlfriend. It was my first but not for her. We had a great time doing it behind the world’s knowledge(not anymore by now). It was the aftermath we were worried about, what if the withdraw didn’t work? What if the first drop i missed made it count? What if her safe days were actually not safe? What if she gets pregnant? What next?

Well, it’s 100% normal to have agitations and doubts if the everything well as expected especially the first time. No pregnancy. No infection. Well, in this article, i shall guarantee you “No pregnancy” but not “No infection” if followed correctly.

Before one uses an emergency contraceptive pill also known as the morning-after pill, you need to know that it’s currently the most effective emergency contraception if used correctly after unprotected sex.

Let’s roll;

  1. Where to access them from?

In Uganda, morning-after pills can be accessed over the counter from any drug shop around you. Where we go wrong on this is when the drug shop attendants stigmatize the person seeking them. You could also visit Sautiplus for youth friendly health facilities around your area to access them without stigmatization.

2. How much?

Price-wise, they’ve been on a rise of late due to a high demand and it’s capability i guess. Currently, they cost around 15,000–5,000 UGX. Guess that’s pocket friendly, right?

3. Might tamper with your periods.

Many girls who have used them have reported having early or late periods. At times, the periods are heavy. It’s wise for one to go for a pregnancy test in case the next period takes long to occur.

4. It won’t save you from contracting the STD.

Yes. Let this sink in everyone’s mind. Emergency contraceptive pills don’t protect one from contracting the partner’s STD in case he has one. Currently, it’s only the condom, both male and female, that can protect one from contracting STDs including HIV. Go test with your partner and stay mutually faithful. **winks**

5. You shall get pregnant if…

Trust me, you shall get pregnant if you are poor at timing it’s usage. The effectiveness of an emergency contraceptive pill depletes with time. It’s very effective within 72 hours after having unprotected sex.

6. It won’t terminate the pregnancy.

Let not your peers guarantee you an abortion after taking an emergency contraceptive pill because it won’t. An emergency contraceptive pill works by stopping the release of an egg, sperm from fertilizing the egg and also preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. Thus, if you’re already pregnant, the pill will have no effect.