Newbie Blogger

Here goes my first blog post…ever!

Thinking about my research topic makes me panic. My topic is discovering if technology is enhancing our students more. I teach math so I am always faced with students telling me that they would rather use paper and pencil but our district and future is more technology based. I know these students enjoy technology because it comes naturally to them but are my lessons involving technology truly enhancing their learning? I think this is going to be a tough topic to research because districts are just starting to go 1:1. I am not sure how much data that I will find to really get to the bottom of my research question. So far, I know that my district is 1:1 and students are working on their chromebooks daily in each of their classes. I try to keep up with the technology but sometimes it is hard in math. I am excited to explore but am nervous for the workload.

During week 1 and 2- I have been falling a little bit behind. I am catching up now! I have a 4 month old baby at home, I am a cheer coach, I am a full time teacher, I am in 3 master’s classes and my internet is AWFUL at home! :) So I am trying to balance it all at once. Yes, I am crazy but I am more productive when I am busy. I enjoy staying busy and accomplishing my goals.