Oh, holy master’s assignment!

Well, after week two I can honestly say that I am pretty nervous how this class will go. I already have a lot on my plate and this class seems like it is going to require quite a bit of my time. Time looking for where assignments are posted, time to research and compete assignments, and time to double check that I have completed all of the required assignments. After completing the “mapping” assignment I feel very overwhelmed. BUT, it life will go on and in the end all will be OK. It’s just going to make for a very turbulent ride!

My research topic was inspired by my students. I play music at a low level while students work. I change genres every day to make it appealing to all music types. Students often ask if we can listen to music while they quiz/test. My answer is always no for many reasons. One, not everyone likes noise while testing. Two, not everyone likes the same music. Three, would even serve as beneficial? That is why I decided that my research topic would be researching the benefits of music on the human brain and test scores. Music has long been another passion of mine, so this seemed very fitting. So far, I have found many resources that discuss many subtopics that would fall under this question- things like how it effects the different parts of the brain, test anxiety, study habits, retention of material, and more. It will be interesting to see where all of this research takes me and my classroom!

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