Look, you stupid girl. 
Look at yourself into the mirror.
Deeply. Slowly. 
What can you see?
Full make-up that you put so much work into?
New clothes, that your parents bought you with last money they had, just because you really wanted?
Oh, poor you. 
Poor you, selfish and superficial girl. 
Maybe you should look deeper. 
Way deeper.

Maybe you should see what is behind those blue eyes. 
Blue like the sea, so restless and mysterious. 
What is happening behind them? 
Where is that sweet little girl from the past hiding? 
The sweet little, curly haired girl who used to smile all the time. 
Where is that smile? 
Do you miss it?
Do you miss the time when you were so innocent and carefree?
She is not gone, yet. 
Don’t let her go. 
She still shines trough you every time you smile. 
Every time you say something funny.
She is still crying when you cry. 
Because she misses the old you.
Pretty. Natural. Smart. Happy.

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