Why people close their eyes for the bad things?

Why world is closing eyes for evil that is every day happening right in front of our eyes?

Why we don’t see that homeless at the street or people who are in the middle of the war in some part of the world?

Why we think that our life worth more than their? Because when you look deeply we are all becoming from one same family, we are all people, so why we don’t act like that?

Why some of us, doesn’t deserve that the word human stands right next to their name, and why they are still using it even if they aren’t humans at all.

There is a reason why we are different from the animals. And I am not speaking now about basic things. Yes, we speak, but why we don’t speak a language of love?

They don’t speak, but you can see that they have emotions; they are able to love and to see pain of the others. Why we, humans, as most developed creatures on this planet are not able to love each other? Why we are not able to respect our differences? Why we aren’t able to see pain of the others and help them?

Why we just take wars, and why we have that enormous wish for power, that is endless, during the centuries?

Why I wake up every day, and the first new that I see is about murders and wars, about poverty and sickness?

Why we are not able to live in peace once for all, and share love between us no matter how different we are?

Why world became cruel place, where people are ruining everything that is good and beautiful? Why we destroy civilizations and cities that are there for centuries?

Why the world became just a playground for powerful people who don’t think about anything else except the fucking power?

And WHY we are all standing and watching that awful and dangerous game and doing nothing to change it?

When we stopped acting like a humans and became closer to monsters?

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