The human being is a creature whose emotional state can change very quickly. Just as we cannot remain unhappy or sad for a long time, we hardly remain indifferent to bad news received when we are in a good mood.

If we were evolved to tolerate rapid mood changes, what advantage does this give us in terms of our survival?

Like an octopus suddenly changing its color and texture to hide from the enemies, can the ability to empathize with a negative or positive emotion be a quality that helps us survive?

In our natural state, we are no different from an octopus nor a tree that adapts to the quick changes of color and light. They adapt to their…

“I want to get my hands dirty.” was the sentence echoing in the room. It was the first day of a design workshop I recently participated and we were having a roundtable introduction of ourselves. Most of us were coming from creative disciplines; professional artists, designers and students who traveled from all over the world hoping to work with their hands.

We were tired of working on computer, ‘designing things and experiences’ in front of a screen. We were living in big metropolitans, feeling disconnected from our natural being. …

“Tamam da, tam olarak ne demek bu servis tasarımı?”

Dublin’de gerçekleşen 2018 Global Servis Tasarımı konferansından bir görüntü- SDGC2018 — Fotoğraf: Paul Kelly

Kullanıcı deneyimini iyileştirmeye yönelik araştırma ve geliştirme çalışmalarının iş dünyasındaki önemini anlayan şirketler, stratejik karar verme süreçlerine her geçen gün daha fazla tasarımcı dahil etmeye başladılar. Bunun bir sonucu olarak, tasarım, teknoloji ve iş dünyasında gittikçe daha sık duymaya başladığımız ’servis tasarımı’ ve ‘tasarım odaklı düşünme’ teknikleri gibi yeni terimler hayatımıza girdi. Ancak, tam olarak anlıyor muyuz servis tasarımcılarının ne iş yaptığını? …

Our best friends of the epoch are ‘glowing rectangles’.

We interact with screens 90% of our waking hours.

We go around with smartphones as if they are an extension of our bodies. We panic when we lose our smartphones as if we lost our children in the crowd.

Credit: LA Johnson/NPR

Why we got so dependent on these glowing rectangles? They are the avatars of our boyfriends and girlfriends, our family, our network of friends, our business, our entertainment, our source of information to learn and to be up-to-date with the latest news. We live under the charm of our smartphones with an infinite world that they offer us.

Next time you commute to work or back home, raise your head…

Everything started with an email. I was having my morning coffee and feeling guilty of not having done any projects since 2 months. There was a client who was supposed to update me about a new project and just the day before they told me that it was not going to start soon. I was feeling upset but at the same time finally free to look for another intriguing project. When updated my inbox, I saw a new email coming in. …

Before start reading I’d like to tell you that this post made me go out of my comfort zone. You can see it like a message in the bottle left in the middle of the ocean, hoping for some readers who can receive the message, who can receive the S.O.S. from a designer.

Let me give you a little bit of background of my story. I studied Product Design and got a masters degree on Service Design. …

“What is your superpower?” they had asked me, during a job interview with a well-known design agency. Those times, I had already heard about their famous superpower question so I had some prepared answers which I don’t even remember right now. I didn’t get the job but since then I have encountered the same question during various service design talks and events. And every time it stressed me out. I felt like I had to come up with something super creative. Something that is really cool that only a superhero could have.

Only after 5 years of experience as a…

And support their personal and professional self-realization?

Photo by Richard Balog on Unsplash

Recently, I caught myself thinking about the weird similarity between the need of being in an open relationship and being a freelancer. Let’s accept the fact that in a world full of new opportunities, commitment is scary. Committing to a company for whole our lives might be even more scarier than committing to one and only person. However, as we look for adventure and excitement we also also crave for finding stability and feeling secure.

Can we both have the stability of a permanent job and have space and time for other interesting projects?

Let’s start with a brief introduction of what I mean with an open relationship and why it leads…

“They always ask me where is your home. Can I make it homes? Can I have more than one home?”

Says, Elif Şafak. A Turkish author, columnist, speaker and academic (says Wikipedia). For me, she is a sincere and bright intellect who opens the doors of many different realities of this world, invites everybody to get in and explore. With her arguments she brings cultures together and shows how similar we are while thinking to be so different.

Recently, I had chance to listen to her live during ‘Book City Milano’ event. Being the daughter of a diplomat mother, she…

A very typical view from the Non-first-class — Photo by
Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash

Think about the last time you took a flight. Unless it was a low-cost airlines, you must have noticed the curtains dividing the very front line with the rest of the plane.

It is called ‘First class’ section, intended to be more luxurious and more comfortable for some passengers supposed to offer a better service quality. It is still a mystery to me what is going on there since I have never flown at the first class, but, I can tell you what’s happening on the other side of the curtain.

When I was younger, I was curious to explore…

Göksu Kaçaroglu

Service Designer in life. Artist in heart. Loves writing, traveling, dancing, making art and love.

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