Models of Decision Making

The topic of decision making seems to be a very diverse topic that relates back to many personal situations that will affect different individual outcomes. Chapter 8 went over the variety types of decision making that an individual may experience.

Rational Models : Normative Models are the basic logistical idea of decision making. A + B = C There are simple steps that obtain the answer you are looking for and it’s all done by 1.) Formulation 2.) Concept Development 3.) Detailing Process 4.) Evaluation and lastly 5.) Implementation. Theis basic foundation will lead you to the most logisitcal view of your problem by equally evaluating pros & cons as well as benifits & costs.

Although there is an Alternative Model to decision making, that I beleive most of us fall under. This alternative idea is based on intuitive decision making. It is not titled under logic or illogic but mainly focuses on past experiences in similar contexts. Taking what you previous circumstances to sway you one way or another.

Group Think is another common way of decision making. Although this form of decision making doesn’t always gaurentee that all participants are putting their full efforts and honest evaluations into the mix. Common symptoms from group think are invulnerabilty, morality, self-censorship, unanimity, direct pressure, and self appointed mind gaurds. Those who participate in group think are more likely to act as a piece of machinery and follow the steps expected or how the rest of the machine is interacting. A mere change in one mechanical piece can throw off the group thought process and it can be easier to move with the group versus change.