7 Things Your Brand Needs to Know Today About…

The Digital Renaissance

Why and What does the Digital Renaissance represents? Renaissance means the Rebirth or Reawakening. The last few years have changed the social construct of our daily lives. There is a rebirthing of how we interact with each other. For instance; when was the last time you picked up your home phone without it being an emergency? We still have the desire of connection, but it’s not from the home phone. We connect through a digital vehicle called the internet…Shocker! Seems mundane; right? Since our lives are funneled from 3D reality to a computer to our mobile devices and phones. Shouldn’t we utilize our resources? Let’s take inventory. Shall We?

1) Tag and Share Button is the New and Best “Word of Mouth” This the “insider’s joke”, the “best friend’s whisper”, and the “hyper targeted Bill Board”. The Tag Option allows social media users to “give awareness” to their friends to a post likely they are interested in. The Share Button lets social media users to share content on their feed or page. A huge plus is the review factor brings the trust level up with potential customers. This can be an awesomely accurate referral channel.

2) Text and Language There is a culture of communication that reflect the times. We are in a period; where technology evolves every 6 months, news is lightning fast, and our attention seems to have sped up. So our language patterns has adapted. Our instant messages aren’t just words anymore they’ve become acronyms. GM WYD =Good morning What you doin’.

3) Direct Messages This can be an outright annoyance or a great tool of networking. DM is a private form of communication between social media users. The difference between email and DMS is the instantaneous response. And a great addition you can identify your target audience and establish a direct relationship. This can be a great tool for client/customer retention.

4) Forums/Networks Clubs, Cafes and fraternities etc aren’t the only places where you can find similar circles. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter etc. have become the new hangouts. You can find the niche of niche like-minded individuals online. You can hyper target your personal tribe.

5) Art/Image If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then an emoji symbol is worth a 1000 pictures. A Emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc. It’s like Hieroglyphs in Egypt; these icons are expressions and insider coded meanings in certain tribes depending on cultural backgrounds. They are representation for themselves in some way.

Memes are ideas that spreads “virally”; the most common meme is an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption. Coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene he explained memes is the way cultural information spreads

6) Currency The flexibility to do business on a world wide scale has never been this doable. You have merchant platforms that can convert monies for monies. To add there is more options of a payment, which means more of a possibility to get paying customers.

Social currency is now more profitable than ever. Author Jonah Berger calls word of mouth –social currency. Social currency is the virality of the word of mouth that turns into leads or sales. Review post, review videos, Likes, The tag and share button falls in this category.

7) Track Results/ Cookies and Pixels You can now pinpoint the preferences and shopping habits of customers. Analytics and Data is the science of the digital world. Helps with inventory and customer loyalty. Cookies and Pixels tracks customer engagement. Cookies store information and identifies user’s preferences. Pixels is a re-targeting code that gives user reminders with Ads.

It’s not so Much that the social message has changed; we still want current events, still want stories of romance, drama, and comedy. We Want the Expression of Arts. It’s Just the Vehicle of those message being convey has changed. Valley Technologies would like to help convey your message and Brand story. Click www.valley-technologies.net