And She Cried Tears of Joy

Kachimfya Program: Zambia, Africa

They searched throughout their neighborhood seeking to help the elderly. When the stumbled acrossed an old mud hut with a grass thatch roof.

“Hello. How are you, madam?” asked the young man.

“I’m fine, thank you. Why have you come?” replied the old lady.

“We have come to help with anything you need done around the house…chores, washing, sweeping. We are here to serve you.” answered the young man.

Confused but joyful the old woman said, “ I live alone, all my family has slowly died and I’m too old to be of any physical use. May God bless you for coming to me. You have no idea how long I’ve been praying for someone to visit.”

And with that, the students began to wash her clothes, clean her dishes, sweep her house, and collect well water in her containers. A joyful day that was indeed. Not just for the old woman in need, but for us all. For we can all make a difference no matter how rich or how poor. If you have life inside of your body than you have the ability to give, to love, to help those in need.

Love always speaks louder than words.

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