Every Family Needs a Farmer

Do you know who grows your food?
Whose cows become your beef? 
Do you know the people that supply you,
With the food your family needs?

Do you know the parents who,
Pass down how to grow the trees?
The ones who toil in unrelenting rain,
Cyclonic wind, and that awful Aussie heat.

The families who are forced to work,
Because farming’s everything they know,
Even though Coles and Woolies,
Never pay us what they owe?

Do you even look to see,
The places your food is grown? 
How much of your weekly shop,
Is honestly Australian bred, made, and owned?

I know you might save five dollars,
If you buy fruit imported from Thailand.
How I so desperately wish, 
I could make you understand.

That our Aussie legislation, 
Our farming rules and checks,
Are there to keep us all safe and sound,
So we don’t end up catching Hep.

Don’t you remember Nannas berries?
Or the Taiwanese Tuna that made us sick?
I don’t know how you can justify,
Always taking such huge risks.

Not to mention disregarding,
All the hard work our farmers do.
I guess that’s why I’m writing this,
Desperately trying to educate you.

Every family needs a farmer,
Without us Australia would not thrive,
But right now we’re a dying species,
Won’t you buy Aussie grown and owned?

Will you help to keep our dreams alive?