The Nation is dead. And we have killed it.
Samuél L. Barrantes

“And until we recognize the hateful underlying structures that allowed Donald Trump to reach the White House, we will forever be yelling at the other side without recognizing our own complicity in our country’s descent.”

And then, literally the next paragraph:

“That the Left has remained too silent for too long on account of political correctness and “safe spaces”? And can we admit that the Right is largely made up of homophobic bigots?”

Is the irony of juxtaposing these two statements lost on you? This article is a shining example of exactly the kind of divisive caricaturing and finger-pointing that got us here. Referring to people who don’t support a right-leaning demagogue or a right-leaning warhawk as “smarmy adolescents”. You are truly blind to your own slanted position on this.

“After eight years of Republicans blocking Obama at every turn, it’s time for democrats in Congress to do the same.”

I can tell just by reading that you railed and screamed at Republican obstructionism over the last 8 years. The government shutdowns. The abdication of duties in confirming lower court judges and a supreme court nominee. The hypocrisy in calling for more of the same is thick and obvious. Just because it’s “your team” doing it doesn’t make it any better.

How is dividing the country further going to help that? Maybe Trump will pass a trillion dollar infrastructure spending bill. Maybe he will curtail our involvement in foreign wars, stop us from projecting our power into places we don’t need to in the name of “national interest”. Maybe he will push single-payer healthcare. Maybe he will regulate Wall Street and push renewable energy (given that he didn’t take campaign donations from the banking and oil conglomerates in the amounts that a certain other candidate did).

“But, Trump!”, you scream. You haven’t even given the man a chance. I’m sure you pride yourself as someone who is open-minded. This article says the exact opposite about you.

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