Journal 2

April 11th, 2017 - 52 degrees and mostly sunny

Today the weather is moderate and definitely effects the site. There are more sounds of birds and specifically sounds of higher pitched ones. There are also bugs buzzing around that I am not able to identify. The sun is fading in and out as clouds pass over it, this is complimented by the light wind that is coming through the trees. The wind must be strong enough to be quickly moving clouds but is not as strong at this place in Ravenna. The soil was still damp presumably due to the recent rain fall that happened yesterday.

I am able to identify more plants than I could last time, today I see various sword ferns, a few dull Oregon grapes, and one licorice fern growing off of a tree. The area is still heavily covered by Indian plums, all of which are now blooming. I now notice how the species of trees that inhabit the area inhabit in clumps, the Red Cedars are generally close to other Red Cedars and the Douglas Firs are close to the other Douglas Firs. I wonder if this is a trend in the natural world or if the wind just did not carry seeds very far.

After the reading on old growth forests I noticed all of the large fallen decomposing branches that are on the ground in the area and realized how far the history might date back in this area. The fallen branches are not very big so I wonder if this could truly be classified as an old growth forest.

Though there appear to be more blooms on the large amount of Indian plums the leaves on the Red Alders still do not have their leaves or any sign of soon gaining their leaves. Even the daffodils were blooming along with another flower that I would consider to be a weed that I was not able to find in the Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast field guide but I did post a picture of the plant on the iNaturalist app and hope to get a response as to what the plant is soon. This unidentifiable plant is short and has purple flowers. The single Western Trillium Lilly in the area that I am studying is still blooming, it does look like the bloom is a little smaller than last week though, this might be a sign that the flower will die soon.

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