There was an Idea.. and somewhere there was Me and my Startup

Music in the background~ David Bowie “Starman” and “Heroes

Something about me

In the beginning, I want to point out, that this is the first time when I write a longer article like this, but I think I will handle this anyway.

I am a young founder of small polish startup called Wolveson.

(if you want to learn more, this link leads to our Landing page: )

It is a social network for startuppers and startups, for those, who are already running a startup and for future founders as well.

We want them to build strong teams, by using our platform.

The priority of our brand is to be the most humane as possible. I want to show you, our possible users, what and who pushed me to build this baby with my friends.

Charismatic Rebel and Visioner

He is my kind of a superhero. Dude, who as a kid, ran away from his country, because he didn’t want to go to the army. The years after ( after founding Paypal), he starts building beautiful electric cars (Tesla cars) and after that, he becomes a competitor for NASA and starts building SpaceX company, which is about to send human on Mars.

Holy crap, this is something. Huge visions, but is It all? Many people from the tech industry predict, that this will never happen. They forget one important thing — Elon Musk is a real REBEL.

He never gives up. He is like a mad scientist, but a charismatic one. Everytime, he looks like he is sure of everything, he is doing.

His visions are the bravest in these insecure days. He gives me hope and will to build great things, no matter what.

Maybe, someday I will meet the superhero of our times. My hero.

The Wisest Guy, Who Loves Everyone

If you saw an elderly, blonde-haired guy, smiling broadly somewhere on TV or a billboard, for 80% it was Sir Richard Branson.

I consider him one of the most positive people around the globe. He is like a grandpa, who has great stories about his adventures, when he was young.

Despite that, Richard Branson is a still youthful 66 y.o guy, who is jumping from the plane, runs in triathlon etc. I am 22 y.o and sometimes, when I read “Richard Branson started in …”

I feel like “Shit, what have I done with my life till now?”

Sir Richard has so much positive energy, he is very generous with sharing it with his coworkers in Virgin and his followers (check his Facebook or Instagram account), that I can actually feel how much he loves people and life.

A long way of absolutely nothing… and here I am, climbing.

Honestly, I have to admit, I love people too — my close friends, family, newly met friends. Many times, when I’m working with friends, I am rough, but I really love them. They are great and I’m thankful for their support. Without my team and friends, Wolveson would have never been found.

Whatever you do, be thankful for every person, who has even the smallest positive impact on you.

Sir Richard and Elon are great, inspirational people , but what does Wolveson has to do with their stories?

Wolveson might be a fusion of presented values — love and charisma.

These short stories about Elon Musk and Sir Branson should show you, that those values are the most important and things you do, you also do for others.

When I am thinking about Wolveson, I have one thing on my mind:

“ I’m doing this for these great people. I want them to be as brave as Musk and full of energy, like Sir Richard. I want more people to be game changers, the rebels, who want to change the world.”

Maybe Wolveson is an answer for that need.