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There are many people who love eating sea food. But because of certain situations there are people who could not buy sea food whenever they want, and also there are even times where they cannot go out to the market to buy sea food. There is an excellent opportunity for all those people. Yes, we have our new online sea food site available for you. Today we are present across various categories of export quality sea food including Pomfret, Surmai, Crab, Prawns, Lobsters, Exotic Fishes — and many more. There won’t be any difficulty for you to buy sea foods online. Where ever you be that’s not a problem, you can easily place your order through our website . In our website we have wide variety of sea foods, which will be available to you at your door step.


STEP 1 — You just need to login to the page (or) download our mobile app from the app store.

STEP 2 — Then click on the food which you would like to taste for the day and place your order.

STEP 3 — You can select Cash on Delivery (COD) and make your payment.

STEP 4 — Then you will automatically receive a confirmation call from our customer service team.

STEP 5 — The seafood which you ordered gets delivered to you at your doorstep.

STEP 6 — Delivery time starts from morning 8.00 A.M and goes on till afternoon 1.00 P.M.


At we offer a wide variety of product and services to the people. We cover the whole part of Chennai. We are present across various categories of export quality seafood including pomfret, lobsters, crabs, prawns, surmai, exotic fishes etc. The difference between and others is Quality and Freshness. We buy in firsthand before reaching any manufacturers or wholesalers.


After receiving your order, you get a confirmation call from our service team and then the sea food gets well packed. Then after which the sea food pack which you ordered gets delivered to you at your doorstep by our in home delivery team.

And for payment you can choose Cash on Delivery (COD) as method of payment. You can also request for a swipe on delivery too, for which our delivery team will carry a wireless swiping machine to facilitate you to swipe your cards on delivery.


The difference between kadalunavu and others is quality and freshness. We buy first in hand before reaching the manufacturer or wholesaler. Our product is always fresh and has 100% guarantees for customer satisfaction. If you’re not completely happy with your seafood, you can give us a call and we’ll work on it to make it right. You can also provide pictures if the product is spoiled. But one thing is that, you need to call us within 12 hours to return your product.

We do not place orders through any agents claiming to be part of All orders are need to be placed 24 hours in advance only. Delivery time is for three days starting from Friday — Sunday, from 7.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M. The prices are also economical in

Some people may have the fear of getting sea food online. There is no need to get fear. We buy only fresh quality sea food and do proper cleaning and preservation work. We buy the sea food straight from the seamen’s.

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