I like where you’re going here and have been having this debate with my friends for quite some…
Lauren Nham

Hey Lauren, I’m definitely not discouraging A/B testing for companies that can “afford” it. It says so right there in the article.

I think you’ll get a better idea of why I don’t think small companies or individuals should A/B test, if you read my more in-depth article about how I ran A/A tests for 9 months, and the misleading results I got.

Basically, yes, there’s not enough traffic, but also, conducting reliable A/B tests takes too much expertise and energy for most people, and the chances of being led astray otherwise are great.

But the larger point is that people talk about testing because it’s a tangible thing with seemingly tangible results. In doing so they expend resources that could be used for other things. Good ideas and thinking are far more powerful, but harder to see.

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