The Once In A Lifetime Marketing Opportunity Your Company Is Missing Out On

Imagine being able to erect a massive billboard right in the heart of your largest competitor’s store.

It would be a bold, brash, and — more than likely — lucrative move, while also being wildly illegal. However, that legality is only in the physical sense and holds no weight in the digital realm.

Enter: Snapchat.

In case you aren’t familiar, Snapchat Geo-Filters are a thing, a very real and powerful thing at that — read how and why here. What is happening right now isn’t entirely new. Often times with technology the innovation outpaces the legislation, and such is the case here.

In real estate their is the notion of air rights, which are “a type of development right in real estate, referring to the empty space above a property.” You couldn’t just build something above any building you wanted to in New York, you need the air rights to do so. In marketing though there isn’t an ownership of the digital air rights for any company, so you can post anything, anywhere, at any time.

Therefore, by using Snapchat Geo-Filters companies can directly market against their competitors at their locations. Spotify cleverly pulled this move at SXSW against their rivals Pandora.

Will this remain legal forever? Probably not. In the short run though it provides an interesting wrinkle in marketing to the ever growing Snapchat demographic in a uniquely combative manner.

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