Andy DeSoto

I'm a human memory researcher at Washington University in St. Louis. I write about cognitive psychology, technology, local businesses, and baseball.

Your inbox is not your to-do list

I was traveling a bit over the weekend, trying to keep tabs on what I needed to get done for the Memory Lab. Sometimes it takes the occasional travel…

Honest criticism versus snark

How can we assure quality on the web?

Lately, I’ve been worrying about the quality of material that’s out there on the web. As an…

Light readings in the apartment

Effects of east-facing windows?

Another little side project: I rigged together an Arduino, an Ethernet Shield, and a photometer in the apartment. You can take a look at the code — mostly spliced together through different tutorials — on my Github. It takes a reading of the light in the apartment every 15 seconds and uploads it to…

Check out the new Fargo 2

This outliner is perfect for blogging, notes, and more

I’m excited to share a brand new tool with you today — a web app called Fargo

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It’s baseball card season

Go crazy, folks, go crazy

For the second year in a row, February marks the beginning of baseball card season for me. I recently purchased a jumbo hobby box of Topps 2014 Series 1 cards and am excited to see if I got anything good.

Some initial thoughts about Google Glass

Upsides and downsides

I’ve had a tangerine-colored pair of Google Glass for five days now and thought I would share some…

Our most confident memories can be completely wrong

How certainty leads us astray

Imagine you are a game show contestant and the host asks a simple question:…

What would happen if professional reviewers joined the crowd?

There are two kinds of people with opinions in the world: the professionals, and the amateurs. The truce between them is

Research methods for psychological science

Tradeoffs among theory, practice, and application

A few days ago, I received some encouraging reviews critiquing a…

My year as a serious Cardinals fan

Thoughts and advice from a first-time season ticket holder

I always hated going to baseball games as a kid. I’d like to…