Preparing Punjabi food? A few tips to think upon

What is the best way to express love, especially for Indian women? Cooking, cooking turns out to be the best way of expressing love to your near and dear ones. However I am sure you will come across several hotels, Restaurants, dhaba’s and food joints in town, but homemade food is something that is beyond compare.

Well this post explores more and more tips and tricks about preparing mouth-watering Punjabi food for your loved one, keep reading to know more!

First if you are thinking of organising a buffet meal, you can definitely start with a few welcome drinks and starters such as samosa’s, Pakora, Delhi chat, then tandoori breads, parathas, biryanis, shorbas, curries, salad and dessert like yummy gajar ka halwa.

Second, always use whole grain floors especially when making chapatti, rotis, parathas and naan. In fact you can even experiment by mixing brown rice and white rice for making pulao. Besides this it is always advisable to use one dark green and one orange vegetable especially when cooking for day to day use. Other than this while making stuffed parathas, be it of aloo or Gobi, just ensure to add some finely chopped vegetables including cauliflowers, sweet peppers, spinach, etc.

Apart from this while cooking Sarson or palak da saag, try using peas, sweet peppers, corn kernels that ultimately gives you texture and flavour. Further speaking about sweet pepper, matar paneer tastes even better when cooked with it. And Try substituting extra firm tofu in place of full-fat paneer in dishes such as matar paneer or saag paneer.

Last but certainly not the least; try to use healthy cooking methods. Such as cook without sautéing onions or paneer, tofu. Then bake bhaturas, kulchas, koftas (with the help of oven) and puris instead of deep frying them.

So that’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading the post! To know more, keep an eye on this space.

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