Currying in Scala: A Useful Example

Kadir Malak
Dec 28, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

Currying is the process of taking a function that accepts N arguments and turning it into a function that accepts N-K (N minus K) arguments, missing K arguments are fixed in the resulting function. It’s named after Haskell Curry.

Basic example:

Scala has a separate syntax to ease currying (notice that we first take 2 arguments and then a single argument)

We can even further increase the nesting:

So, you may wonder if this type of functionality has any use in a programming language. Or you may say “All it’s doing is remembering the parameters, I can do this another way”. I’ll show the benefits of currying in a concrete example.

Suppose that we’re running a test code and we want to run the test with a combination of some parameters.

Here is the code without currying:

And here is the one with currying. Notice that:

  • the visual separation between the group of arguments
  • no lambdas used
  • you can clearly see that something is done in a scope

In Scala, if you have a function that takes a single parameter, you may call it like f{argument} (using a {} block) instead of f(argument), if you combine this feature with proper currying, the full magic happens:

Look at it! It almost looks like a macro :) But it’s not. Additional parameters are passed silently.

Look at it! It almost looks like a macro :) But it’s not. Additional parameters are passed silently.

So you may use currying to…

  • separate the parameters passed into logical groups and reuse the middle functions
  • call the final function parameter by parameter as you obtain some values on the way (I’m assuming that you’re passing the resulting functions around)
  • combine it with Scala’s single-parameter block usage - demonstrated above - and obtain macro-like results
  • reduce the syntax when you find yourself returning functions

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