I Go Now

Inspired by yet another suicide bomber, on yet another day of death, in yet another religious war….

I am tired. I am tired of bearing witness to the deaths of others. Brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers. Fathers, sons and daughters. Slaughtered and gone, and the craters of many hearts left gaping and vacant where once love had a home. I am tired of anger and flames, and the acid taste of the thick soup of hatred whose bubbles pucker and burst in the searing sun of a desert.

This is not my world, for my world knows not the scowl of your hatred. My world is free of the stench of your anger. In my world I celebrate life and freedom beneath a limitless canvas of stars. I bathe in the rains of joy and community, and I drink deeply of the sweet nectar of love.

But your world and mine are one and the same. You exist not in some foreign land; rather, you are not more than a whisper away; we look up to the same bright moon at night. I love my world, and in this I see a great opportunity. I love my world, and I cannot but love you with it.

Thus, I go now to you. I go now, a lamb to the lion’s den. I go now, not to kill or harm. I go now, that you might learn from me, courage and righteousness. I go now, that you might spill my blood on your desert—that through my life lost, your land might grow fertile, and you might one day grow wise. I go now a martyr, and I will live on even as my life seeps in wide crimson circles through the sand, for all who know of me will understand: I go now, the lamb to the slaughter, and I die only for you.

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