“Contestable Infrastructures” at Beyond Smart Cities Today

Kars Alfrink
Sep 17, 2019 · 2 min read

I’ll be at Beyond Smart Cities Today the next couple of days (18–19 September). Below is the abstract I submitted, plus a bibliography of some of the stuff that went into my thinking for this and related matters that I won’t have the time to get into.

In the actually existing smart city, algorithmic systems are increasingly used for the purposes of automated decision-making, including as part of public infrastructure. Algorithmic systems raise a range of ethical concerns, many of which stem from their opacity. As a result, prescriptions for improving the accountability, trustworthiness and legitimacy of algorithmic systems are often based on a transparency ideal. The thinking goes that if the functioning and ownership of an algorithmic system is made perceivable, people understand them and are in turn able to supervise them. However, there are limits to this approach. Algorithmic systems are complex and ever-changing socio-technical assemblages. Rendering them visible is not a straightforward design and engineering task. Furthermore such transparency does not necessarily lead to understanding or, crucially, the ability to act on this understanding. We believe legitimate smart public infrastructure needs to include the possibility for subjects to articulate objections to procedures and outcomes. The resulting “contestable infrastructure” would create spaces that open up the possibility for expressing conflicting views on the smart city. Our project is to explore the design implications of this line of reasoning for the physical assets that citizens encounter in the city. Because after all, these are the perceivable elements of the larger infrastructural systems that recede from view.

Originally published at Leapfroglog.

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