Bernie doesn’t “love assault rifles”, for Pete’s sake.
Chris Harris

Dude.. or should I call you Bro? You clearly haven’t the slightest clue of what you speak. Your hero Bernie Panders changed his view on the right to sue, but then the primary is moving to Connecticut shortly so it’s no surprise that the career politician would flip flop depending on his audience. Since you aren’t well informed what the Sandy Hook lawsuit is actually about there is no point in discussing it with you. It’s not about being responsible for what people do after a weapon has been bought. No I’m not going to educate you, I don’t have that much time to spare for angry keyboard warriors.

It takes some kind of stupid to display ones ignorance and arrogance to strangers, but as I’ve discovered Bros’ rarely have any friends, they have comrades.

You seem to think that attacking Hillary means something to me, you have no idea who I am going to vote for, you only know that Bernie doesn’t impress me one single bit. But you couldn’t help yourself , right? Did your mummy tell you you were a special snowflake? You aren’t you’re just another ill mannered, angry keyboard warrior. YAWN.

I’m sure you LOVE assault rifles and think it’s more important that any idiot can get one than to save the life of a room full of 5 year olds. My view is different, I am allowed MY OWN view dude or is it bro?

Secretary Clinton gets speaking fees commensurate with her stature in the world. Having been voted the most admired woman 20 times and with her massive resume and expertise in such a wide range of subjects I’m not surprised she gets the same kind of money and usually more than her peers. Clearly you’ve drunk so much kool aid now that you think it’s wrong to be paid well if one is female. I’m sure if Bernie had accomplished something in his life besides naming Post Offices he’d get bigger fees too. Not my fault he’s not worth the money. I guess you don’t like seeing Madonna paid huge sums for her concerts either but it’s ok for the Rolling Stones to command large sums. Welcome to the real world snowflake.

So glad you are more impressed that Bernie got his first real job at 40, politician and has clung to it since, making him not only a fully paid member of the “establishment” but seeing how he invests in all those companies he hates so much and even buys Nestle water for his campaign he doesn’t walk any of his talk. But he doesn’t need to for you, cause you’re a special snowflake and you know everything you ever need to.

There is no need for you to get your diapers in a twist over my appreciation of this article. You can go back to squeeing over Bernie snowflake.

I’m not voting for Bernie because he’s not intelligent enough to take on the job. He’s got a B.A. and has no experience outside of his tiny town and his Congress. Spending $200-$300K to stalk the pope using campaign funds, which is against the FEC rules 30114 (b) is the lamest thing I’ve witness in years and years. Waiting in a hallway at the crack of dawn to pretend he had a “meeting” with the Pope. How embarrassing!

I’ll see your bushmaster and raise you billions wasted on the F-35 Bernsters favorite boondoggle. Enjoy your life after Trump, he’s clearly the guy for your generation.