kaeryn, you pride yourself on not being gullible but even you must be able to recognize that this…
Gino Moscati

Your comprehension is lacking clearly. What I said was that I had been gullible in thinking that Bernie cared about the same things I did, I never ever said I prided myself on not being gullible, I said that I HAD been gullible. I also said that the article backed up all that I HAD RESEARCHED myself. I understand that in order to lurve the bernster one has to be blind to his votes, his actions and not see the disconnect between what he says and what he does.

BTW, he once again bought ReadyWater by Nestle for the campaign. And for some reason he feels that an industry (the gun industry) should be shielded by an act of Congress. Newsflash we have this thing called courts which decide these matters. If there is no case the courts are where that determination is made, not Congress. But I do understand that he is totally beholding to the NRA, without them he’d still be living in that broken down sugar shack writing soft porn.