…Do your shoes hurt?

I read the caption on an instagram post about a Nigerian, albino girl talking about the challenges of being albino and how frustrating it was that each time she talked about these challenges, someone somewhere made it seem like she was exaggerating. She gets shut down.

She accused all non-albinos with no relative albino of having a prejudice of sorts. I thought to myself it must be hard to be an albino though. Here in Nigeria and abroad as well. She asked tough questions…

  • Do you have reservations dating/marrying someone at the thought of the
    person being an albino?
  • How do you feel about having albino children?
  • Have you ever dated one?
  • Have you ever called them names?

I immediately connected with her on the level that people belittle struggles they themselves have never had to experience. We always assume we have it worse.

An albino liked my friend a lot and she said he was bossy and too sensitive. She said that those were her reasons for not going forward with him. I had to ask if he was dark-skinned and was that bossy, would she have been with him? She said she didn’t know. In my usual manner, I poked and poked until she gave in. His pigmentation played a large role, probably the only role in not at least giving it a chance. I have heard the darndest things about them that I have never confirmed for myself… Albinos smell, they have bad breath…

Why do men think women are making their prejudiced experiences up or exaggerating? Then these same men, complain in the same breath that white guy (expatriates) was assumed smarter than he was in an office? Or more suited for a job? LOL

How are these things not the same?

I actually know of a time that albinos were being hunted and killed, so their body parts be used for diabolic rituals in South Africa. SMH. I am ashamed to admit that joking around with my ex I said if they are finished there, we can start packaging from here and shipping. And they won’t even know when we package dark people. We are aware that our body parts are the same on the inside. No one can tell anyone’s skin tone. I am sorry about that joke now. It was insensitive and jut plain stupid. Even sorrier now because earlier today, I tweeted at COVERGIRL for not taking seriously enough (by my standards and that of black twitter), the statement of a model that said “The only thing in Africa is Ebola”. I was mad that all of Africa was clumped into one, mad that Nigeria wasn’t recognized for handling it so well and getting rid of it. I was mostly amazed by the lack of knowledge about Africa and thought about how we needed more positive media to balance the scales out some more. The African story is too one-sided like Chimamanda rightly said.

They say that only a wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Do your shoes hurt? Please share. Maybe then, we can know ourselves more and try to understand why we act like we do and be a more sensitive world in general.

We all have prejudice.

Prejudice- preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience; made biased; an unfair and unreasonable opinion, or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge.

I would like to appeal to other people who have opinions as well and let them know that I picked my blog name specifically because I am aware that they have opinions too. Please feel free to say your opposing or agreeable opinions in the comment section to keep the banter fresh. I usually do some sort of basic research before forming opinions.
If I disagree with you, it’s simply because I do.

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