Individual Idea Generation

How might we design an aesthetically pleasing, reusable, modifiable solution to manage computer wires.

New Warm-Up Game

The game starts with everyone in a circle. To start the game, everyone must look directly at their feet and wait until the facilitator counts “3, 2, 1, UP.” When the facilitator say UP, everyone looks up at another person in the group. If both participants are looking back at each other, they have to yell “Boo!”.

Heads up ‘Boo’ game.

Session Organization

Middle of the Idea Generation! I seeded the brainstorming by putting my ideas on the wall first.


This group was a bunch of people on my floor last year when we all lived in Frontier Hall. We’re all in CSE / STEM related, but very different majors.

We had seven participants, but two had to leave early.

One participant was a Sophomore in Electrical Engineering. She leads the electrical team for a student organization on campus, specializing on wire management.

Two of my participants were Juniors in Computer Engineering. One was the lead of his robotic electrical team back in high school and won a couple awards for aesthetic design.

We had a Biomedical Engineer with an eye for style. Side note, she is one of the most creative people I know.

Another participant is in the Aerospace Engineering program. He understands manufacturing and has a good understanding of what is feasible and what is not.

Finally, we had two sophomores in material science. One is my roommate and had to leave early, so we’re just going to ignore him: Hi Tom!

Oh Tom.

We met and brainstormed in my apartment in Dinkytown. Nice open area with plenty of wall space to place ideas when voting.

Warm-Up Games:
We played 3 games.

The first being the zip zap zop gaming. I find it to be very good at ice breaking and making people less worried about saying the wrong things.

The second game was my new warm up game above. Didn’t quite go as I expected, but it was fun nevertheless!

The third came was the red ball game. I ended on this one because it requires people to be slightly more creative, with the hopes of getting into the right mindset for the idea generation that follows.

Dedicated Idea Generation Time: 
24 minutes, 39 seconds

Total Number of Ideas:
93 (from 5 people)

93 ideas / 123.25 people minutes = 0.754 IPM

Sorting and Voting

First round of voting

Then we did the silent sorting and labeled the categories afterward. We came up with the following categories

  • Storage
  • Routing
  • Modification
  • Tools

Top Ideas