Coffee Industry Major Problems

During recent years coffee industry has been affected by major problems such as climate change, social problems and economic problems. These problems have not only been a concern of countries that that receive large revenues from the production of coffee in their economy, but of the producers who are the first and most affected ones.

Climate change is one of the problems that has affected worldwide cultivation and production of coffee due to extreme weather conditions that have been occurring in different regions of the world such as droughts or heavy rains.

Climate Change affecting coffee production

Good practices and adequate resource management, such as reducing water consumption during different stages of production, reforestation and encouraging research and implementation of renewable energy are actions that could help mitigate the effects of climate change on the production process of the coffee.

"Research on behalf of private and decentralized actors is essential to improve the overall conditions of coffee production at global level"

The labor necessary for the production of coffee has been scarce and the owners of the crops have been harmed. This has happened because of the poor social conditions of those who are involved in the process. Taking into account that these people are fundamental to successful production, great efforts must be made to reduce the gap between producer-intermediary and marketer, thus helping to improve the conditions of those who contribute their labor and the instead of the whole chain (producer, intermediary and marketer).

"It is essential to improve the conditions of those who are the basis of the coffee production chain."

Another problem and one of the most important and significant for the industry is the high costs of production and labor, as mentioned above. The difference in price between the producer, the intermediary and the marketer is a very worrying factor for the industry considering that the final consumer pays the right price, but this value is high above what producer receives.

"The industry must take action to reduce the gap between the price paid by the producer and the marketer."