Emojis in sentences (sorry about the danish)

Apple seems confused: who is the target audience for their new iPhone?

by Kasper Friis, Technolution

To me, Apple’s new digital visual updates and communications speak to two widely different segments:

On the one hand, the typography has become thicker. Probably for increased usability associated with impaired vision for the more mature audience. An example is the calendar icon.

On the other hand, words are substituted for emojis, given a form of communication that is especially relevant to a younger audience. Honestly, Emojis, in my optics, can confuse more than they benefit — the synonyms with an emoji heart are, for example, many. And then it simply ruins the reading flow (maybe it’s the old man inside me talking here).

Tighten up, Apple!

… or is it just me who cannot understand Apple’s new visual design and communication?

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