Here at Kaggle we’re excited to showcase the work of our Grandmasters. This post was written by Vladimir Iglovikov, and is filled with advice that he wishes someone had shared when he was active on Kaggle. The original post can be found on Vlad’s Ternaus Blog.

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I participated in machine learning (ML) competitions at Kaggle and other platforms to build machine learning muscles. I was 19th in the global rating, got Kaggle Grandmaster title.

Every ML challenge ended with new knowledge, code, and model weights.

I loved new learnings but ignored the value that old ML pipelines could bring. Code stayed in private GitHub repositories. Weights were scattered all over the hard drive. …

The entire dataset of 1.7M+ arXiv papers is now available for free on Kaggle

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

For nearly 30 years, arXiv has served the public and research communities by providing open access to scholarly articles, from the vast branches of physics to the many subdisciplines of computer science to everything in between, including math, statistics, electrical engineering, quantitative biology, and economics.

The sheer number of arXiv research papers is both beneficial and challenging. Whether it’s a graduate student ramping up in her respective field, an established professor delving into adjacent ones, or researchers searching for big picture insights for the public good, this rich corpus of information offers significant, but sometimes overwhelming, depth.

To help make the arXiv more accessible, we present a free, open pipeline on Kaggle to the machine-readable arXiv dataset: a repository of 1.7 million articles, with relevant features such as article titles, authors, categories, abstracts, full text PDFs, and more. …

When his hobbies went on hiatus, Kaggler David Mezzetti made fighting COVID-19 his mission.

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Let’s learn about David!

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David Mezzetti is the founder of NeuML, a data analytics and machine learning company that develops innovative products backed by machine learning. He previously co-founded and built Data Works into a 50+ person well-respected software services company. In August 2019, Data Works was acquired and Dave worked to ensure a successful transition.

David, what can you tell us about your background?

David: My technical background is in ETL, data extraction, data engineering and data analytics. …


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