The entire dataset of 1.7M+ arXiv papers is now available for free on Kaggle

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For nearly 30 years, arXiv has served the public and research communities by providing open access to scholarly articles, from the vast branches of physics to the many subdisciplines of computer science to everything in between, including math, statistics, electrical engineering, quantitative biology, and economics.

The sheer number of arXiv…

How one Kaggler took top marks across multiple Covid-related challenges.

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Today we interview Daniel, whose notebooks earned him top marks in Kaggle’s CORD-19 challenges. Kaggle hosted multiple challenges that worked with the Kaggle CORD-19 dataset, and Daniel won 1st place three times, including by a huge margin in the TREC-COVID…

Kaggler, deoxy takes first-place and sets the stage for his next competition.

Please join us in congratulating Linsho Kaku (aka deoxy) on his solo first-place win in our Bengali.AI Handwritten Grapheme Classification challenge! Read the winning solution here: 1st Place Solution with Code

Random Ink by Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay @Flickr

Let’s meet Linsho!

Linsho, what would you like to share about yourself?

Linsho: I am a student in the…

First place foursome, ‘Bibimorph’ share their winning approach to the QUEST Q&A Labeling competition by Google, and more!

Photo by Anna Vander Stel on Unsplash

Congratulations to the (four!) first-place winners of the Quest Q&A Labeling competition, Dmitriy Danevskiy, Yury Kashnitsky, Oleg Yaroshevskiy, and Dmitry Abulkhanov who make up the team “Bibimorph”!

In the QUEST Q&A Labeling competition by Google, participants were challenged to build predictive algorithms for different subjective aspects of question-answering. The provided…

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