My Andela Self Learning Clinic Day 3 Experience

Today, Wednesday 27th September 2017 marks the third day of the Andela Uganda Self Learning Clinic. I am thrilled to be part of this cohort: Cohort III. The clinic allows one to learn and improve on their programming skills as they build products along the way ie an app to store people’s favourite recipes.

Today i was able to integrate Travis CI into all my repositories on GitHub but most importantly the one am working on this week. I was able to add travis.yml into the repository, a file that provides direction to Travis CI in the way builds will be made and in this case for Python 3.6. Am working on how to make the builds successful this time round.

Also inorder to better work on the Yummy Recipes app, i have on the sidelines been working through a sideproject which can enable me to build and learn along the way before integrating back my acquired knowledge into the Yummy Recipes app.

It feels good to be able to build a product that actually works. I have so far run the flask app on the local server, made html templates that will enable content to be dynamic basing upon the user and am working on the login functions through web forms.

My ultimate goal is to publish the complete app to Heroku before doing the same to the recipe app. It surely is worth the effort. Back to work for now…What have you worked on today?