Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Owe 53% of White Women A Damn Thing, But She For Sure As Hell Owes Me
Bunny McKensie Mack

I’m mad as hell at Hillary Clinton — and so are every one of my white women friends… We’re disgusted with the lack of leadership NOW! Now, when it really counts. In fact, we’re fed up with the lack of female leadership throughout the Democrat Party, let alone the Republicans.

I’ve been disappointed and frustrated with Clinton’s response since the night of the election — where’s the real leadership? Was it all just a put on? I really believed what she said… and now, nothing.

We’re on our own — together.

I read articles like yours and just wonder how different the world must be beyond here in San Francisco… I don’t know ANY white women here who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton — none. The women I do know that did vote for Trump are the same ones, back on the East Coast, that have been against everything having to do with equal rights for anyone forever — justifying it in the usual way of ‘I had it hard, so they have to have it hard…’ And nothing I said, did, demonstrated, or anything moved them one iota.

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