The endless echo chamber of online “influencers” is robbing the Internet of its soul.
Ben Belser

Yes — this is bit by bit (echo by echo) destroying the potential of the web to surprise, delight, and create aha moments for us. I hold Google accountable for some of this in creating a game to get noticed which requires ENDLESS amounts of ‘searchable’ content if you want to be indexed by the special web spiders — UGH! This makes every business, ‘brand’, and ‘solopreneur’ motivated to participate in the death spiral of pseudo-content.

Thanks for a great article and calling it out… now what? Google is a big driver — can someone come up with a way to find cool stuff that isn’t so derivative? That used to be the publishers and editors sifting through crap to get to the well-written new ideas. Now that we’ve democratized all that, everyone thinks they can create ‘content’.

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