One serious flaw Dave — the entire nation suffers from illegal immigration.
Steven Hahn

Your view is incredibly myopic… wages would rise (really?)=>food prices would rise=>consumption of American grown foods would fall=>farms would close or sell off land or sell out to industrial sized farms=>the diversity of food grown would fall=>industrial sized farms would mechanize, replacing highly paid workers with machinery=>jobs would decrease

End result: less diversity of foods (fruits and vegetables mainly) to middle class and the impoverished; fewer jobs; more consolidated control of our food supply; death of the small farm for fruits and vegetables (just like what happened in the 80s and 90s in the midwest with grain farmers).

Government subsidies could intervene at various points to prop up small farmers (like they already do — but it’s never called out as a hand out) or prop up wages (kind of the same thing, right? and another type of hand out).

This is your solution?

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