Wow! But I didnt get any of this, apologies😅
ιove, Zev

the first chill of winter steals
the fire is lit
let us watch the frost on the turning leaves
the bowl turns
this round bowl
i turn
to you

the hiragana is “gotchisosama deshita”, a common expression after a meal indicating gratitude.

the original haiku, and this piece
are response to the first frost of winter (the kigo), sometimes (often?) the cause of a viewing (another kigo), and its cha-no-yu, or cha-dou, tea ceremony (at least, in an earlier day, and amongst a more wealthy class who could afford to enjoy such fineries as poetry and tea.) the warmth, the sharing of tea in a round bowl, and a transient moment of beauty, such is companionship and the circle of friendship, the true subject.

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