Sir Richard Branson was frustrated with airlines that did not care about the passengers. He decided to do something about it. He focused on something that other airlines did not care about — CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. His airline, Virgin atlantic, offered a much comfortable journey, with flight entertainment standard,limousines to pick up business class passengers from the airport at no extra cost, they even gave the passengers a virgin branded headphones after their flight — How cool is that?

Today, Virgin atlantic is the second largest carrier in the UK. Virgin America,Virgin atlantic and Virgin Australia combined fly 32 million passengers per year and have an estimated revenue of $9 billion.

Another great example, Altavista was the search engine to go to in the '90s. Their main source of revenue was selling ads. To maximise their profits, they had ads everywhere in their page. They sacrificed Customer experience for them to earn some more money. Altavista did not advertise itself as an ads website, they advertised as a search engine website. Here is the homepage of Altavista in 1997, can you locate where the search bar is?

Then came Google in 1999. The founders of Google were really against using advertising pop-ups in a search engine, or an “advertising funded search engines” model. They really wanted to give a good CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. This is the page of Google search page in 1998, can you locate the search bar?

The only thing customers care about is themselves. If , for example, you say a package will be delivered to their doorstep in 30 mins, they expect it in 30mins. They don’t care if there was traffic or logistical issues to deliver the package.

Jeff Bezos once said, "In the early days, companies used to spend 20% of product time developing a product and 80% making noise about it, today its the other way round."

The customers have a voice, they will not settle for some sub-standard products. In todays market, competition is fierce, if you will not care of your customer's experience and needs, your competition will. Social media has made it easy for customers to speak out and spread the word faster than ever before.

To make sure that you design products that give your users an awesome experience, its good to have a UX designer. UX designers are the advocates of your users. They are the link between the user and the company. Hire the UX professional as early as possible in your company: They will save you a-lot of money and earn you a-lot more. Read about some roles of the UX designers here.

Each time you see a user making payments or spending some time to your app/website,consider it as a reward for a good experience you are offering them. You have scratched where it itched and they are relived.

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