Love for a Black Planet…

What I’m going to say in this post will not be profound. That’s kinda not the purpose. This is a bunch of mixed emotions formed from a foundation of anger, desperation, and excitement. The news of another young Black HUMAN killed at the hands of police surfaced today. Video accounts showed police officers fearfully shooting and killed an unarmed HUMAN; complete with heartless high-fives and emotionless statements about being put on desk duty after taking the life of a person.

Sadly, I’m used to this…Black folk know these scenes all too well. This along with all the countless deaths we’ve seen this year have taken a toll. Seeing the death counter tick upward is disheartening especially with seemingly no end in sight.

So what do you do when you are down? How do you keep yourself hopeful for the future? Everyone is different, my vehicle for self-care has been video games. I’m currently super excited about Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky that comes out on August, 9th. The premise behind the game is to travel to the center of it’s ever expanding universe while discovering new flora, fauna, and celestial bodies. Embarking on adventures of your choosing while trying to unearth and decipher the mysteries Sean Murray and his cohorts have seeded throughout the procedurally generated reaches of space. I love the idea of being able to name pretty much everything you’ll encounter. I’ve already thought of some Spawn On Me-esque names I’d love include in the codex (I won’t say them here for fear of theft!) but I also had another cool idea.

How dope would it be to memorialize those folks who lost their lives to police violence by naming a planet after them? Folks in video games have been doing this kind of thing for a while now. Why not do the same thing in No Man’s Sky? Find a beautiful full of life planet and name it after someone who’s life was stolen from them. Give that person their fortress of solitude when societal racism & ineptitude came knocking on their door and took that from them.

I believe in symbolism, I believe that grieving in public spaces with people who care about you is helpful. I know that video games are ephemeral, but this act for me will feel like a small thing was done.

So my first mission is to find a beautiful planet to explore, set my ship down. Plant a flag, name that planet and put down a digital grave marker with black fist emblazoned on it.

Much love to you all, hope to see you in the skies.

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