Reactive: vim Abandonment, npm Search & Observables

Our Reactive podcast is in full swing and we are releasing weekly. Two new episodes are out!

1: We Got a vim User Off of vim →

In which Raquel is missing because she was a Hacker in Residence at the Recurse Center in New York that week, Henning and I talk about how he has basically abandoned vim for PHPStorm (in vim mode though) and I talk about awkward net award tweets.

2: Search is Like Inherently Impossible →

Raquel rejoins us (woohoo!) and explains to Henning and I what she has done at the Recurse Center and what it is. She also talks about npm search and how difficult it is to get it right.

I then make an attempt to explain Observables and how they can be used in Angular 2, but tbqh I mostly do a bad job at it. Observables and Reactive Programming are a subject I just started to get into so there will be a few more attempts at that in future episodes I believe.

Make sure to check the episodes out if you haven’t yet and let us now how you like them on Twitter at @reactivepod.