Visual Studio Code Is Now My Favorite Editor

How did that happen?

The Visual Studio Code logo

I thought I would stick with Atom forever. I love Atom. I love the aesthetics of Atom and I love that it basically works like Sublime Text.

Ultimately TypeScript sold me. I am working with TypeScript every day at work and it is a great tool. The TypeScript integration in VSCode is just better than in Atom. It feels more natural, more baked into the Editor than in Atom. Even though it is just a plugin in VSCode as well. I guess it makes sense that the integration is better since both VSCode and TypeScript are Microsoft products.

It is mind-blowing how Microsoft products have crept into my workflow like this. Into the most intimate portion of my workflow as a programmer, mind you. My code and my editor.

I would have never imagined that years ago when I frustratedly swore off Microsoft products all together.

Well played Microsoft, well played.